Hello, I'm Michelle!

I'm thrilled that you are visiting my site!  The fact that you are here means we have some things in common, a love of the sea and it's creatures for one.  Not everyone is as fortunate as we are to have the sea fill their soul, to feel the tingle when away.  

Rachel Lyman Field's poem  If you've ever slept on an island comes close to describing what happens.   You and I, we are forever changed.This feeling is what inspires me, inspires my designs and spurs my desire to capture for you that sense of OCEAN WONDER...I don't know what to else to call it.  You will see the patterns, textures and movements that captivate and fill your sense of wonder recreated in Sterling Silver and 14k Gold.

Thank you for your interest.  I look forward to sharing with you the legacy of love, learning and respect for nature's beauty through Clark & Clark.  Wander through and find the pieces that re-capture your moments of Wonder.

Happy trails!  Michelle