Clark & Clark, is named after my parents.
The love and passion they shared for the world,
to the legacy that I work to share with you.

My Dad was a large man, larger than life at times.  He loved the sea and it’s creatures.  They fascinated him, of course me too.  I have numerous memories of trailing behind him, running to keep up. Searching in tide pool after tide pool with a flash light wondering what we’ll find?   There was always an audience for “show and tell” no matter the time of night or where in the world we were.  My first memory is along the Turkish coastline.  He was captivating and infectious as he shared his knowledge and love of sea.  

How could the sea and its beautiful creatures not excite you?  Every where, just look there is beauty and intrigue throughout the ocean.  The sheer variety of design, patterns, shapes, color, movement, life is all there.  It is inspiration even when seen from the surface.   

My Dad, James Clark, was a teacher.  He taught Biology, Life Science, Marine Biology and eventually taught the Gifted & Talented Program whilst we lived abroad. We, my siblings and I grew up with this wanderlust and thirst for adventure as the natural order of life.  We didn't realize it was a unique situation.  We didn't understand until much later the opportunities we enjoyed and just how adventurous our parents were.

Although upon reflection it's a leap, but at the time it seemed natural that my father would create sea shells and sea creatures in gold.  He learned from one of the local dentist how to cast metal, it's a dental technique.  His desire was clear,  "It is a way to have a piece of the sea with you, where ever you go.  And you don't harm it by taking anything alive." He’d tell you that the detail is much clearer cast in metal anyway. You’ll see what I mean when you look at a piece it's really a specimen.  

I apprenticed at his bench, starting out polishing.  It was a hobby that took on a life of it’s own.  I continue his legacy of love and passion for the sea.  I have his excitement for the life it contains and the beautiful vibrant world we live in.  You can feel the weight of this legacy when you hold a piece, it’s solid. The care is there in the details.  

Stormy coastlines are often the most interesting, I suppose that is the same for lives.  My father now fights a losing battle with Alzheimer’s.  It slowly and surely claiming his mind, like a choking algae without it’s natural controls.   I don’t know what else to say here.  It’s deeply troubling but a reality that many of us face.  We can still live full and happy lives with an ache in our hearts.  I am grateful for my father, than man he was and is today.

It is with bitter sweetness that Clark & Clark welcomes you to enjoy our Collections of Sterling Silver and 14k Gold Fine Jewelry inspired by the “C”& the sea. 

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14k gold sea life