Michelle Clark

My artwork seeks to capture the ephemeral moment of joy that comes from discovering a superb specimen. Embracing these and the gifts bestowed upon me by my loving father: love of the ocean and metal smithing. I seek to share this love and legacy with you.

The process begins with a beautiful and detailed specimen. I create a mold and use the ancient art of lost wax casting to reproduce it in precious metals. I work in 14k, 18k and sterling silver using recycled metals whenever I can. The stones are ethically sourced or synthetic made in the USA or European Union. I strive to be ethical in my sourcing, responsible in my processes and fair in my trading. It is part of the love and the legacy with which Clark & Clark operates.

Each piece is a physical manifestation of a legacy passed down to me by my father. I am forever indebted to his love of the sea and willingness to share his craft that I now share with you. My desire is that these pieces become mementos of your families' legacy – as they have mine.

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