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A picture of me in Guantanamo Bay Cuba back in the day before Scuba diving became a glamor sport.

I'm Michelle and I love the water!  While I prefer salt, sweet water is lovely, too. Take a look at this picture of me a decade or (a few decades) ago, diving with my dad when we lived in Cuba. Because I grew up in the Carribean, I have a special affinity for the sea life from that area...you will notice that many of the pieces that I have designed are inspired by the creatures that swam with me through my childhood. That being said, I do keep a lookout for new specimens to cast and am always looking to forge relationships with other sea-lovers to accomplish this goal without causing harm to aquatic life.

Many changes have happened in the world since this photo was taken.  For one, diving gear is much more attractive than it used to be. Unfortunately some of the changes aren't so beautiful. It cuts my soul deeply to see the increasing damage to the reefs, fish life, and shore lines. These questions linger in my heart - how can we change this trend?  How can we continue to enjoy and prosper from the ocean without destroying it?  

Easy answers don't come to mind as there are so many players that affect the ocean; no single entity has dominion over it.  The ocean’s health depends on each and everyone of us deciding to be responsible for how we interact and who we let interact with the ocean on our behalf. We must be vigilant against both the obvious and indirect ways we harm our seas. 

The essence of my blog is to develop conversation around life, my business, and the oceans we share.  I want this blog to be a place to share the beauty and interesting information about our natural world, and most of all, the sea. I do make and sell jewelry and I'll get into that a bit.  Yes to a link here.  And  Overall, I want it to be interesting, informative and brief. Occasionally, other parts of my world may creep; I do own and also work in a vineyard (not a winery.)  And I might share a really awesome recipe or an epiphany I have. I aspire for my blog to be as a good story, we'll let it all unfold in time. And like a good conversation, we will interject opinions, stories, and interesting information from elsewhere.  Even stories, with permission, shared by you.

Having grown up moving around and spending time in transient communities, it has always been a great pleasure in my life to make new acquaintances and even better, new friends.  

It's nice to meet you, I hope you feel the same.Michelle Clark of Clark & Clark Jewelry

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