A daughter's reflection....(a work in progress.)

My heart goes out to those who were not raised with the love of a father.  We certainly did, all three of us.  His love and care didn't just stop with us, he was a High School teacher.  Not his first vocational choice, but one he took to like a fish to water.  He loved sharing what he knew and growing good human beings.  His classroom didn't end at the door, some might argue that was where it really started.

For a humble teacher, he managed to have a world wide influence.  Teaching in the United States, Philippines, Germany, Turkey, Cuba and England.  He even taught classes over a summer in Russia.  He loved each place he landed and explored each region of the world learning about the culture, history and biology. Exploring and sharing his learning with anyone who would give him the time of day.  Often I would hear him remark, "isn't that so neat?"  with a big grin on his face that showed the curious child that lurked within his 6'2" frame.  He was quite infectious in his excitement.  He was always so detailed in his observation. 


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